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Healthcare has been a one of the pillars of focus but it is a difficult one to address. We have invested in innovative approaches to enhance exercise and healthy eating!
We have supported healthcare for women, children and families. Healthcare in our country and our region is complex but it is essential to build a vibrant community. With your help we have invested in health and well being at a women's shelter and partnered with food bank to help schools encourage young minds to eat healthy breakfasts so that they can focus on learning!

Some sample Healthcare projects:
1. Primary Care Health Services, Inc. Over $23,000 invested in innovative healthcare initiatives over 3 years ranging from nutrition classes, community gardens to personal health technologies to track exercise
2. Greater Pittsburgh Community Foodbank: $17,000: Invested in encouraging children to eat breakfasts at multiple schools so that the children are able to focus on studying. Children who eat healthy breakfasts are healthier, happier and positioned for success at schools

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