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First Responders

Each day Pittsburgh Brave and Finest are working to keep us safe. We have been supporting efforts to ensure the safety of our Firefighters, Police Officers, by raising funds for equipment and ongoing training. These include advanced simulated exercises such as Backdraft Fire Training for Firefighters and Shoot-Don’t Shoot Training for Police Officers.

Some Sample Projects to help First Responders follow:
1. Western Pennsylvania Police Benevolent Foundation – providing assistance to injured police officers in need ($5,000 to help families of injured Police Officers and buying bullet proof vests)
2. Allegheny County Fire Academy trains firefighters in the Greater Pittsburgh Area across many counties- ($30,000 to buy Back Draft Simulator to train Firefighters in dealing with deadly and explosive fire situations)
3. FBI National Academy Associates (FBINAA) of Western PA
($25,000: Grant coordinated and co-administered with the Western Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police and the Allegheny County Chiefs of Police Associations to train around 960 police officers on Shoot Do Not Shoot & Diversity Training)

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