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Education has the power to transform and elevate! Once you develop that habit of learning you can continue to build from where you are, as and when you want. We are committed to supporting the educational efforts of Children and Adults who want to use it to propel themselves to greater heights or to even pull themselves out of poverty and homelessness.
Over the last 3 years, with the enthusiastic support of runners and walkers, we have raised funds for supporting education for Women and Children. We are also supporting efforts in educating homeless people and helping them get back to the workforce and reintegrate with society.

Some examples of Educational Projects that we have supported:
1. Homeless Children Education Fund – advances the education of children and youth experiencing homelessness ($51,000 in impacting the education of hundreds of children facing homelessness)
2. Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council – a national leader in the adult education and family literacy ($17,400 to help many African American Adults pass their GED exams)
3. Women’s Committee of the Carnegie Museum of Art: Carnegie Literacy Day ($5,000 to facilitate the transportation of underprivliged children to a day at the Carnegie Museums)

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