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PIC5K Launches a new website!

4/5/24, 12:00 PM

The non-profit Pittsburgh Indian Community and Friends is launching a new website to celebrate the beginning the 11th year of its conducting the PIC5K event. We are excited to create this new website that we hope will be more informative and very easy to use for the over 1000 donors we expect to sign up this year!

The Pittsburgh Indian Community and Friends is excited to launch its new responsive website to kick off the new decade of giving back to the Greater Pittsburgh Community that spans multiple counties in the South Western Pennsylvania Region. Board member Geetika Tandon said: "We really needed a new wesbite as our old one of the last decade was so last century! We can do wonders with this new site!". Core volunteer Vijay Reddy, who rises before dawn to go to North Park on PIC5K day and is a great fund raiser said: "Now that we finally have a new site, I am confident we can achieve the 1000 donors we are planning to sign up for 2024. Just make sure that the donation button works!" 

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