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Non-Profit partnerships created

7/31/23, 9:00 PM

The Greater Pittsburgh region has a lot of non-profits and there is often a lot of overlap between organizations. However, lot of the non-profits are niche organizations limited by geography and often duplicate some basic infrastructure that is in place at another similar non-profit a few miles away beyond another hill or another bridge. In our city of bridges, the Pittsburgh Indian Community and Friends encourages partnerships between non-profits even as we invest in the partners we select. We hope that these bridges will last a long time and continue to bear fruit long after our attempts at creating partnerships have been completed.

Here are some examples of such non-profit partnerships:

  1.  Chartier's Center partnered with The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food bank and the Veteran's Administration to set up a mobile Mary's Market at the VA for the Veterans 

  2.  Stem Coding partnered with Bible Center Church's Neighborhood School to provide Computer Science and Robotics training for children

  3. Facilitated the donations from SV Temple to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and also coordinated a volunteer distribution program

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