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New Decade, New Direction

12/15/23, 10:00 PM

The PIC5K Core volunteers met at the end of the 2023 to both celebrate the accomplishment of completing 10 years of running the PIC5K event and investing over $660,000 in local non-profits in the areas of homelessness, healthcare, education and first responders. We analyzed our donor base and decided we need to make the involvement more inclusive. We are seeking a minimum of $100 from each donor family with a plan of enrolling a 1000 donors every year. In addition to the annual donations we are also rolling out a subscription model that donors can also consider.

The Core Volunteers of Pittsburgh Indian Community and Friends will be signing up a 1000 donors in 2024 with a minimum donation of $100 each. The ultimate goal is to allow more people to participate in this next decade of giving and build a more sustainable model. 

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